LiPF6 Electrolyte

LiPF6 based standard electrolyte for lithium-ion batteries

Electrolyte salt: Lithiumhexafluorophosphate (LiPF6  / 1mol/L)

Solvent: EC, DEC, EMC (composition according to request and requirement)

Batch sizes: 25 g – 2 kg (bigger amounts available on request )

Packaging Electrolyte: UN-safety aluminum bottles (made in Germany), sealed in pouch bags under an inert gas atmosphere

Packaging Bottle: UN-certified dangerous goods cartons in compliance with ADR

Delivery time within EU: maximum 14 days

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Characteristics of Lithiumhexafluorophosphat (LiPF6) as conducting salt in "standard electrolytes"

Among all conducting salts, LiPF6 remains the only candidate to be used in the majority of commercial lithium-ion batteries, due to its well-balanced properties, such as high ionic conductivity, good electrochemical stability, effective aluminum current collector passivation and effective solid electrolyte interphase (SEI) formation on highly graphitic anodes. Nevertheless, the Phosphor-Fluor bond is labile towards trace amounts of moisture, resulting in a poor chemical stability. The extent of hydrolysis is increased at higher temperatures.